Dixon Hall’s Self-Care Bingo Launches!

Active group of multiracial seniors outdoors

From July 10th – 24th, we’re challenging folks to get active and fundraise for seniors! This mid-year motivation will help you get moving while making a difference in your community.

Want to get involved?

Set up your fundraising page and set your goals!

Now, download our Bingo card, which has ideas for you to “get movin’” during the week! Share your progress as you work through the card to score a Bingo!

Bingo card with various self-care activitesWhether it’s completing a line or filling your full card, encourage friends and family to donate as you hit milestones along the way.Keep your network and ours updated by using the hashtag #ActiveForSeniors on social media. Post videos, photos and other highlights from the items you’ve completed to motivate and inspire others!

Why get involved?

As the population of seniors in Toronto continues to grow each year, our Seniors’ Services department becomes increasingly essential to the well-being and livelihood of our community. According to Statistics Canada, 92% of seniors are living more independently, in private dwellings, and for longer, making the need for services and support programs even more important to our city.

At Dixon Hall, we offer a wide range of programs to support diverse populations. For seniors, that includes services such as Housing Support, Adult Health & Wellness, Case Management, Community Transportation, and Meals on Wheels. By offering a comprehensive range of programs at highly-subsidized rates, we’re able to have a greater impact in serving the needs of individuals and the seniors’ community at large.

Through our caring and dedicated staff and volunteers, we provide cost-effective, essential support services to over 2,100 clients and their families from a diversity of backgrounds each year.

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