Emergency Shelter and Homelessness Service Worker Appreciation Week 2022

This week, we proudly recognize our Housing Services staff for Emergency Shelter and Homelessness Service Workers Appreciation Week. Their dedicated efforts make possible the provision of shelter, meals and wrap around supports to roughly 500 individuals every night, every year. Their work continues to impact in our communities, and play an invaluable role in making Dixon Hall’s mission a reality.

As we head towards a third year of the pandemic, COVID continues to be top of mind in our emergency shelters, respites and housing programs. This tremendous challenge has meant growth both in size and importance to respond to the needs of the city’s most vulnerable.

David Reycraft, Director, Housing Services, shares, “Our Shelter and Respite Programs are the foundations from which all this growth has come, they are fundamental to the infrastructure that is the Housing Services Department.” Our hope is that the shelter and respite programs are the foundations from which support is possible for clients as we develop a better infrastructure to support more stable housing and long-term support programs. These critical steps are built on the relationships and trust established by our Housing Services Department.

“The unique skills that our housing department team has and continues to develop are what makes Dixon Hall effective at what we do for our clients”, said Mercedes Watson, CEO for Dixon Hall. “Their contributions are immeasurable in the midst of so many social challenges.”

To our peer support workers, shelter workers, housing access workers, cleaning staff, layered supports participants, food workers, security personnel, volunteers andeveryone helping within the shelter network, we thank you. The changes you are making to so many lives in the city is extraordinary.

We celebrate all of you during Emergency Shelter and Homelessness Service Worker Appreciation Week!