National Volunteer Week 2022

This week is National Volunteer Week. We’re taking a special moment to recognize all the individuals that make up our tremendous team of volunteers who make our work and services possible. We spoke with a few of our different departments who shared some of their standout volunteers from the past year(s). Here are just a few of the amazing Dixon Hall volunteers who help deliver essential programming to those in need.

Rob McClure
Community Volunteer, Seniors’ Services – Meals on Wheels

Rob began volunteering his time to the Meals on Wheels program as a driver right at the start of the pandemic. Volunteering three times a week, Rob has built great working relationships with fellow volunteers and staff, and always goes above and beyond the call of duty. His hard work and dedication to helping our clients has ensured they get a hot nutritious meal daily, and his kind and friendly nature has been a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Rob, for being an integral part of the team!

Joy Gibbum Lee
Community Volunteer, Seniors’ Services – Telephone Reassurance Program

Joy has been a volunteer with Dixon Hall since January 2021, helping with our Telephone Reassurance Program as part of our Seniors’ Services. Joy lives a busy life working as a Nurse Practitioner, but consistently makes time to check in with our seniors every Monday. She enjoys connecting with clients who are experiencing isolation and loneliness. Joy has created meaningful relationships through the program and looks forward to her calls to make sure her clients are safe, well and happy. Joy’s genuine and personal touch to her reassurance calls has positively impacted our seniors who shared only wonderful things about their calls; members shared they really appreciate the company and reassurance they get over the phone. Joy has been a great addition to the Seniors’ Services team, and we are so grateful she continues to volunteer her time over a year later!

Roger Wicks
Community Volunteer, Housing Services – Rooming House Project

Roger is an incredible individual with a great passion for serving his community; his dedication can be seen by the numerous programs he participates in and the time he spends as a volunteer. Roger volunteers, not only, in the various food programs we have, but also numerous community projects we have with our partner agencies. For the past year, Roger volunteers 20+ hours of his time every month to Dixon Hall’s food programs. He is an incredibly patient person with a great attitude who makes almost everyone who interacts with him walk away smiling and in a good mood. In addition to volunteering with the food program, Roger also dedicated a few hours of his time over the course of the year to help clean up the community. In addition to his work within the Dixon Hall environment, he has, of his own accord, assisted the tenants within the Rooming House Project with his technical expertise in updating computer software and helping with the computer literacy skills. In short, Roger has been a dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic volunteer, who deeply cares about helping others.

Jessica Jones*
Community Volunteer, Housing Services – Food Services

Jessica is a long-term volunteer of the Dixon Hall Housing Department Food Programming. She is an integral member of our volunteer team and has accumulated many responsibilities over the years; she helps to sort donations, builds grocery hampers and meal kits, prepares and serves community meals, aids with program preparation such as grocery shopping and menu development, among other duties. Jessica provides a great benefit to our community and in her own words, “Dixon Hall has brought me so many good things and makes me feel so useful, I feel very fortunate to be a part of Dixon Hall.” Thank you for your continued support, Jessica!

*Volunteer's name has been changed

Edith Sinclair
Community Volunteer, Seniors’ Services – Let’s Dance Program

Edith Sinclair has been volunteering with the “Let’s Dance Program,” as part of our Seniors Health and Wellness services for a number of years. The program promotes healthy living and physical activity, which is such an important element of our services for our seniors. Edith volunteered during the pandemic to help run the program online, and in-person, when it was safe to do so. She is a long-term volunteer with Dixon Hall, and is strongly committed to the health and well-being of our clients. Our clients and staff thank you for your ongoing support year after year!

Corporate Volunteer, Seniors’ Services – Meals on Wheels

Broccolini came Dixon Hall in December 2021 to help deliver essential meals as part of our Meals on Wheels Program. The corporate team volunteered their time every Thursday for 4 months, to ensure those facing food insecurity and isolation were able to access nutritious food.

Broccolini staff shared, “As developers, we build community and that means it’s essential we get involved in our communities to support our neighbours in need. Vibrant, strong communities are places where residents from all walks of life feel safe, supported, and can thrive, and we are proud to contribute to this.”

Thank you for your support during such a crucial time!


A sincere thank you to all our volunteers at Dixon Hall who have made an immense difference in the lives of our clients and communities. Your ongoing and unwavering support make our programs and services possible – we are so lucky to have you!

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