Community Impact and Advocacy

Analyzing our programs and services to better serve our community and advocate for systemic change.

Community Impact and Advocacy supports the work of Dixon Halls departments by analyzing and strengthening the impact of individual programs and services through advocacy, increased awareness and collaborations.

Community Impact and Advocacy identifies Dixon Hall’s Impact areas and builds on cases for support based on evidence and outcomes, which may result in new messages for the organization, proposing government policies, systemic changes and funding opportunities.

The Community Impact and Advocacy work focuses on:

  • Producing Advocacy reports on identified subjects to raise awareness in order to bring about positive systemic changes and advocating for funding allocations based on evidence
  • Conducting and mobilizing research to understand community needs and assets
  • Promoting best practices and policies to finding new ways of addressing communities pressing challenges
  • Participating in various collaborative and collective impact efforts to influence social change in the communities we serve