Music Lesson Registration Form

Registration requirements:

1. Your child must live between Jarvis St. and Broadview Ave. and Gerrard St. E and the Gardiner Expressway.

2. You must provide proof of income along with your completed registration form. This is any documentation that shows the total income for your whole family (ie: pay stubs, benefit statements, etc). We do not accept tax statements. All of your information is kept confidential.

You will have the option to enroll up to four children in Dixon Hall Music School. If you are enrolling more than one child, after completing all information for your first child, please hit the NEXT button to proceed with the registration process for your child. If you are enrolling four children, hit the NEXT button after completing all information for your second child. Once you have inputted information for all four children, please hit submit.
All lesson fees are subsidized and are based on family income and the number of dependents. Under ‘Income Type,’ please indicate whether your income is from a work salary, family benefits, child support payments or any other source. This information is kept confidential.

We need to see proof of income for all families. This must be shown to us before your first lesson and again each year if you return.

Child #1 Info

Child #2 Info

Child #3 Info

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