Jump Start Your Career in Trades or Customer Service – Join the Incubator!



Jump Start Your Career in Trades or Customer Service – Join the Incubator!

Are you between 18-29 and an Ontario Works recipient or dependent? Are you considering a career in the Trades or Customer Service?



Camp is in Session!

Welcoming Dixon Hall’s counselors and campers for Summer 2017 and reflecting on some of the skills they’ll learn over the summer as part of their jobs.



Living Your Best Life – Seniors Month and Ending Isolation

June is Seniors Month in Ontario and we’ve been celebrating all month with a mix of activities and special events dedicated to the vibrant seniors in our community. This year’s theme for Seniors Month is “Live Your Best Life”, something we encourage all our program participants to do every day. But what does that look like? How does a senior live his or her best life? And how do the programs we offer help seniors to live their best lives?

Dixon Hall offers 17 programs for seniors, and there’s a great deal of difference among our various programs in terms of who we support and the activities and services we offer. Despite this diversity, all of our programs have a common goal: to prevent seniors from becoming socially isolated. Many of the seniors we work with live alone. Even if they have a caregiver, that caregiver generally spends a fixed amount



Children and Youth Manager Kenneth Slater wins Bhayana Family Foundation Award

Dixon Hall Manager of Children and Youth Kenneth Slater wins a Bhayana Family Foundation award.



Catching up with Dixon Hall Music School Alumni Talena

Talena Jackson attended Dixon Hall Music School for piano lessons throughout her childhood in the 1990s. Originally enrolled by her mother as an outlet for Talena’s excess energy, she now reflects fondly on her time with Dixon Hall Music School and attributes many of her current successes to her time with us. We caught up with Talena recently to hear more about her favourite memories from Dixon Hall and how music education helped shape her.

Learning to play piano was very enjoyable for Talena, but beyond that, she was fascinated by learning the function of the metronome and the language behind music – crescendo, diminuendo, treble and bass clef, etc. Talena says that music education opened up another world for her, recalling the memory of attending the symphony for the first time, and gaining a deep understanding of how music articulates emotions that are unspeakable.

Attending our Music School Summer Camp was