Remembering Elspeth Heyworth: A Life Lived in Service



Remembering Elspeth Heyworth: A Life Lived in Service

Elspeth Heyworth joined Dixon Hall as our Executive Director in 1985. Though her life was tragically cut short in 1990, nearly thirty years later we honour her memory and work through the Elspeth Heyworth Bursary. At Dixon Hall, we remember Elspeth for her inclusive and welcoming personality, her passion for supporting and empowering low-income women and newcomers, and her commitment to social justice.

Profoundly Committed to Education & Community

Elspeth was born in India in 1939, the daughter of two British missionaries. Her family returned to England, where Elspeth completed her initial schooling. After marrying and immigrating to Toronto in 1962, Elspeth continued to study. She became increasingly involved in supporting her community, completing her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work, and even teaching the subject as a professor at York University.

Inspiring our Work with Women

Once Elspeth completed her education, she began working directly with



The Elspeth Heyworth Bursary: For Young Women in Regent Park Seeking to Further Their Education

Calling all women in the Regent Park area who are looking to further their education but are facing financial challenges: Dixon Hall is currently accepting applications for the Elspeth Heyworth Bursary.

Elspeth Heyworth was a fierce advocate for women from all backgrounds. Before her life was tragically cut short,  she focused on educating women and championed the importance of learning. Elspeth’s dedication to women’s rights and achievements inspires much of our work with women in the downtown east today.

The Elspeth Heyworth bursary can be used towards tuition, for textbooks/school supplies,  and/or daycare or transportation costs.

To apply:

Submit a short piece of writing explaining how the bursary will help your pursuit of education and what you plan to use it for if you are awarded the funds. Please include your name, address, and phone number.  Include the course or program you plan to take,  and the name of phone numbers



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