A Dixon Hall Love Story

A Dixon Hall Love Story

Pablo and Monica grew up on the same street. As kids, 3 years between them meant that they weren’t close friends growing up. But they knew each other from around the neighbourhood. Nevertheless, they reconnected years later at a concert… there was an instant spark between them. That spark turned into a steady flame, fed by genuine friendship and shared values. These elements created a solid foundation, and led Pablo and Monica to the altar – and to pursue careers in the non-profit sector.

Their different personalities resulted in different career paths. Pablo is known agency-wide for his booming laugh, and has naturally found himself working directly with front-line staff and community members. Monica is a wizard with numbers and pursued research methodology. She’s been crucial to implementing data collection and analysis in our Housing Services department.

Monica and Pablo are also keen volunteers, who have helped out at events like Dixonlicious year after year. For Dixon Hall’s sweethearts, volunteering is a fun date night, and another way to support the food programs they work with daily.

They’re passionate about food programs as the roots of a strong community, as they see the impact of hunger and thirst in their family, noting the behavioural changes in their children when they haven’t eaten. Monica and Pablo emphasize the importance of family dinners as much as we focus on shared dining experiences through our programs. Food programs are also a great entry point to other Dixon Hall programs, giving guests the chance to discover other life-changing community resources.

Dixonlicious is one of our shared dining experiences you can be part of. Join us, to help strengthen your community on March 1st at Daniels Spectrum.

Our sweetheart deal is valid until next Thursday (02/15) and gets you two tickets at a special price. Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day differently this year and share a night of food, drinks, and fun to provide 25,000 meals to those in need.

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