Houzayfa’s Basketball Diary

Houzayfa’s Basketball Diary

14-year-old Houzayfa was born and raised in Regent Park.

Two years ago, when he was in Grade 6, Houzayfa became the youngest player to ever participate in our basketball league.

One day, Houzayfa walked with determination into the gym at North Regent Community Centre and asked Ronnie, our Mentoring for Violence Prevention (MVP) Coordinator, who was practicing with a group of Grade 10 high school students, if he could join.

At first, Ronnie was reluctant to agree due to his age and size, but Houzayfa quickly impressed him with how well he was able to keep up with his much older teammates.

Being a member of Dixon Hall’s basketball league means a lot to Houzayfa, who says that our league “was the first time he was a part of any type of sports league.”

Housayfa now plays for his school’s basketball team and is really excited about the upcoming season and all future seasons that may await. Basketball is his favourite sport and he dreams of one day playing for the Toronto Raptors and winning an NBA championship for his City.