Rachel’s Journey from Heartbreak to Hope

Rachel’s Journey from Heartbreak to Hope

Rachel is a member of our Children & Youth programs. She’s a vibrant young lady who hasn’t had an easy life.

When she was only 6 years old, her mother become addicted to crack cocaine. Her father wasn’t around so her aunt took Rachel under her care. While her aunt provided a loving home, Rachel was of course, profoundly affected by her mother’s addiction. She blamed herself, believed she wasn’t good enough and thought she was responsible for her mom taking drugs.

It’s really heartbreaking to see a child feel this way.

When Rachel was just 17, her aunt tragically passed away and things took a turn for the worst. She dropped out of school, jumped from boyfriend to boyfriend and seemed destined to spiral downward.

Fortunately, Rachel had been part of our Dixon Hall Children & Youth Centre family for many years. She’d attended our summer camps from a young age and benefitted from the Young Women’s Drop-in Centre.

Rachel relied on her connection with our caring staff, who fought hard to make sure she didn’t fall through the cracks. It can be so easy to forget about older, troubled youth and just focus on young kids. That’s what sets Dixon Hall apart.

Our staff truly care about Rachel and they believe in her. They encouraged her to go back to school where she completed her high school diploma. They helped her find an apartment.

Rachel is now 21, working and waiting to hear about college. She made it!