Sophie’s Triumphant Return

Sophie’s Triumphant Return

Recently, a former client from our Out of the Cold program dropped by for a visit. Staff recall that Sophie (whose name has been changed to protect her privacy) was possibly the most challenging but brilliant client they’ve ever known.

4 years ago, she was a heavy drinker and a drug user. Sophie describes that time as the darkest and most troubling period of her life. When she first came in contact with our Out of the Cold program, Sophie had recently lost custody of her only child. She was devastated.

After a few weeks, when Sophie suddenly stopped showing up at Out of the Cold nights, staff feared she had passed away.

About 2 years ago, one of our housing staff came in contact with Sophie again. Right away, she worked hard to get Sophie properly housed and made sure she received the necessary support to remain housed.

Today, Sophie is sober; she’s maintained housing for the past 2 years, has a part-time job, is back in school part-time, is getting help from a social worker and a psychotherapist and even has regular visitation sessions with her daughter.

Sophie showed up at our program in February to apologize and mend relationships with some of the staff she remembers were supportive and patient with her in her worst days.

Staff were delighted to see that Sophie is now on a path toward a warm and bright future.