Board of Directors

Become a Board Member

Annually, our Board of Directors recruits independent directors from the community.

The process varies from year to year based on needs of the Board and the expiration of terms of its members.

In general, recruitment occurs in the late spring for nominations to occur at our AGM in September.

If you're interested in putting your name forward as a candidate, please forward a resume and cover letter to:

Board of Directors

Cameron Scrivens, Chair
Susanne Gossage, Vice-Chair
Kevin Hibbert, FCPA, FCA, Vice-Chair & Treasurer
Scott Bell, Secretary

Jordana Greenberg, Director
Kelly Lawless, Director
Donna Meyers, Director
Tim Moseley, Director
Dave Mun, Director
Robert Nam, MD, FRCSC, Director
Ron Stokes, Director

Honorary Board Members

Thompson Egbo-Egbo
Barbara Volk