Broccolini Volunteers over the Holidays

Broccolini Volunteers over the Holidays

Dixon Hall, in recent years, has delivered over 65,000 meals to nearly 550 clients through our ‘Meals On Wheels’ program, helping to provide food security to low-income seniors and adults living on disability in Downtown East Toronto. Making sure that basic needs are met is a top priority and integral to our Mission.

The pandemic made delivery even more challenging, because the program suffered a significant loss of volunteers, more than 50%, in fact. This loss was particularly felt during the Holiday Season, a time of year when our clients really do rely on us for help. We adapted to this as best we could, so that no one is left behind.

And Dixon Hall couldn’t have met these needs in December without the volunteers provided by Broccolini, a real estate development and construction company who, for a second consecutive year, brought in its employees to offset the shortage. We are forever thankful to Broccolini and to City Councillor Chris Moise for their support when it was needed most.

‘Meals On Wheels’ continues to be acutely affected by recent economic conditions. The volunteer shortage has been compounded by a 17% rise in food costs, gas prices well above pre-pandemic levels, as Dixon Hall strives to sustain its commitment to the isolated and vulnerable who are increasingly at risk of food insecurity. If you’re able, we kindly ask that you sign up to be a volunteer and make a difference in the lives of our community members.

If you’re not able to volunteer, financially supporting ‘Meals On Wheels’ is another important way you can help maintain an essential Dixon Hall service. It’s a great way to donate, because the impact of your generosity reaches directly into the community.

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