Building Trust and Transforming Lives:  

Building Trust and Transforming Lives:  

Dan Wabbi’s Impact at Dixon Hall’s Rooming House Project

For many years, Dixon Hall has been at the forefront of providing case management and housing support. Our dedicated team ensures clients have access to health, housing, and social services, all of which contribute to a healthier community. As we serve tenants in the Rooming House Project (RHP), we often encounter unique and complex situations that demand our creative engagement, advocacy, and motivational counseling skills. 

In February 2024, Dan Wabbi joined RHP as a Housing Support Worker. In his first week, he wasted no time in collaborating with, Jennifer Moxon, Manager, Comprehensive Intake and Care. to address a pressing issue at one of the rooming houses. Tenants were concerned by the use of the shared kitchen space and could not resolve the issue amicably. This had a negative outcome on the kitchen itself, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in that area of house raised a concern for Jennifer and Dan. They immediately organized a tenant meeting to listen to their concerns and establish an action plan. 

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Dan and Jennifer, a comprehensive action plan, detailing what could be achieved in both the short and long term was established. The staff explained how Dixon Hall could assist the tenants, while empowering them to advocate for themselves. The results were remarkable. Within a week, the kitchen was cleaned up, shared space expectations were being respected, and tenants positively engaged with Dan.  

Since then, Dan has made daily visits to the house, helping reduce conflict and foster a safer environment. His consistent presence built trust, especially with tenants who were affected. One of those tenants was Anthony, who began sharing more about his struggles. Anthony mentioned severe foot pain, and Dan promptly arranged a visit to a chiropodist, who provided effective treatment. Anthony could walk without pain afterward and was “very happy” to resume his walks. 

Dan also learned that Anthony had no income after being cut from ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program). Working diligently with Anthony and the ODSP office, Dan helped reinstate Anthony’s assistance, giving him the financial stability he had lost. Anthony acknowledged that Dan’s support helped him navigate this challenging situation and regain control of his finances. 

Anthony is seeking a family doctor, and Dan is assisting with this despite the challenges of long waitlists. Collaborating with Sherbourne Health, they are hopeful about finding a physician soon. 

Anthony expressed gratitude for his unwavering support when asked what was most valuable about Dan’s work. Dan, in turn, emphasized how meeting tenants’ goals and consistently showing up for them has been instrumental in fostering healthier communities.  

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