Townhall showcases the MIRA | Dixon Hall Centre 

Townhall showcases the MIRA | Dixon Hall Centre 

The McMaster Institute for Research on Aging (MIRA) on March 28, 2023, joined with Dixon Hall in the Sanctuary at 188 Carlton Street for a townhall that introduced Dixon Hall’s groundbreaking partnership with an internationally recognized Canadian university. During her introductory remarks, MIRA Dixon Hall Centre director Marla Beauchamp described the collaboration as “unique” in the field of studies on aging and older adults. 

As a multi-service agency focused on addressing poverty, social injustices and isolation experienced by both youth and older adults, Dixon Hall’s expertise in providing comprehensive community-based client care and McMaster University’s record of academic excellence in creating innovative research programs are an ideal tandem for the purpose of determining “how we can make seniors live better, healthier lives.” 

Dixon Hall’s extensive in-the-field experience with seniors will provide MIRA with valuable research data and opportunities for observational studies, all of which will contribute to realization of MIRA’s mission to “transform the experience of aging by transforming the science of aging.” 

MIRA’s analytical research and in-the-field study projects will involve Dixon Hall staff and clients, and these will be purposed to assist Dixon Hall to address ongoing issues for older adults such as isolation and mental health, physical mobility and accessibility, housing and food security, barriers to transportation, approaches to care-giving, and digital connectivity. This will help Dixon Hall achieve its mission of creating a city where everyone thrives, including seniors. 

(In the months to come, watch for opportunities to learn about, and be a part of, this exciting initiative.) 

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