Turning Lives Around: Stories of Connection and Stability 

Turning Lives Around: Stories of Connection and Stability 

At Dixon Hall, our support and intervention staff are dedicated and vital in transforming lives. Zefanie Smith, our Client Intervention Worker in the Seniors Department, has played a vital role in achieving this goal. Here are some inspiring stories based on Zefanie’s efforts that have significantly improved the quality of life for many in our community. 

Navigating New Horizons 

Nancy* was struggling with financial issues and was at risk of falling into arrears. Zefanie connected Nancy with internet access, a cellphone, and a laptop, allowing him to stay in touch with his friends and family in New York. This reconnection with his loved ones stabilized his situation at home, leading to a rapid and positive improvement in his life. 

A Journey to Financial Empowerment 

David* was on the verge of eviction due to financial crises. Zefanie intervened by providing crisis services that helped Davids avoid eviction. She assisted him in completing his taxes, reassessing his CPP payments, and recalculating his rent to a more affordable amount, enabling him to manage his finances better and remain in his home. 

A Story of Guidance and Growth 

Stephanie* had not had proper identification since the 90s due to dementia and was a severe fall risk. Zefanie secured proper identification for Stephanie and connected her with mobility support services. This included working with a team that provided a hospital bed and wheelchair free of cost, significantly reducing her risk of falls and enhancing her independence. 

*Name changed for privacy concerns. 

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