Supporting Caregivers of People Living with Dementia



Supporting Caregivers of People Living with Dementia


As the population of Ontario ages, the dementia rate continues to rise sharply. A dementia diagnosis can be very challenging for families to deal with, and often leads to more questions than answers. Although there are plenty of resources available that provide detailed, up-to-date information about dementia and the types of behaviours that can be expected from someone living with dementia, what many caregivers and family members find most helpful is an opportunity to connect with others who are going through a similar experience. That’s why Dixon Hall decided to launch a Caregiver Support Group in partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Toronto for anyone who is affected by dementia – whether through a family member or friend.

Since March of this year, the group has been meeting once a month, to offer caregivers a safe space to discuss their experiences and challenges. Discussions are guided by a social worker, and



Getting Musical in our Alzheimer Day Program

June is Seniors’ Month in Ontario – an opportunity to celebrate seniors in our communities. This year’s theme “Now’s the Time to Try Something New” inspired our staff to introduce new programs for seniors in our day programs.

Thanks to funding from the Ontario Dementia Strategy, our Seniors’ Department recently introduced new music programs as part of our Alzheimer Day Program.  Every two weeks,  members enjoy an afternoon of music lessons using one of three new instruments: African drums, ukuleles, or hand chimes.


Last week, seniors had their first ukulele lesson – an instrument many were unfamiliar with. Initially, there was some hesitation and apprehension as seniors held the ukuleles for the first time; some members handled the ukulele very gently. But once everyone received their ukuleles, nervousness evaporated and was replaced by a sense of comfort, as members recognized they were all in it together.

The ukulele was chosen for a number



Living Your Best Life – Seniors Month and Ending Isolation

June is Seniors Month in Ontario and we’ve been celebrating all month with a mix of activities and special events dedicated to the vibrant seniors in our community. This year’s theme for Seniors Month is “Live Your Best Life”, something we encourage all our program participants to do every day. But what does that look like? How does a senior live his or her best life? And how do the programs we offer help seniors to live their best lives?

Dixon Hall offers 17 programs for seniors, and there’s a great deal of difference among our various programs in terms of who we support and the activities and services we offer. Despite this diversity, all of our programs have a common goal: to prevent seniors from becoming socially isolated. Many of the seniors we work with live alone. Even if they have a caregiver, that caregiver generally spends a fixed amount



Celebrating Dixon Hall’s Strong Women Leaders

Today is International Women’s day, a global event which celebrates and recognizes women worldwide for their achievements, while simultaneously measuring progress and setting milestone goals in the quest for gender equality.

Our staff team at Dixon Hall consists of numerous dynamic and hardworking women, who bring incredible talents, skills to the organization, and show amazing dedication and compassion for the clients we serve. Our leadership team is over 50% women, all doing incredible work in the public sector and impacting the lives of clients while strengthening the surrounding community. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we wanted to recognize these women, and talk about some of the progress they’ve seen in the sector as well as barriers we have yet to overcome.

Christine Chow has worked with seniors for over 25 years. She began her career with Mid-Toronto Community Services, working with clients with Alzheimer’s on the frontline. Chris has seen the



What will Lili cook next?

Lili has been a volunteer in the Mandarin program at the Elderly Persons Centre for more than 5 years. She first heard about the Mandarin program