December Recap: How We Ended the Year with Holiday Cheer at Dixon Hall

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December Recap: How We Ended the Year with Holiday Cheer at Dixon Hall

We’re leaving 2019 behind & entering a new decade! Here’s how we celebrated the spirit of the holiday season & got ready for 2020 in our programs.



Respecting and Protecting Seniors at Dixon Hall

June marks Seniors’ Month in Ontario, an opportunity to officially celebrate the seniors in our lives.



Supporting Caregivers of People Living with Dementia

The population of Ontario is aging and the rate of dementia is rising. Our Seniors department has recently introduced a Caregivers Support group, offering a safe space for caregivers to connect and cope with the challenges that arise from supporting a loved one with dementia.



Getting Musical in our Alzheimer Day Program

June is Seniors month in Ontario, and inspired by 2018’s theme “Now’s the Time to Try Something New”, our Alzheimer’s Day program introduced new music programs including the ukulele, African drums, and hand chimes. Music therapy has many different benefits for seniors who are affected by dementia.



Living Your Best Life – Seniors Month and Ending Isolation

Seniors Month takes place in Ontario every June. The theme for 2017 is “Living Your Best Life,” How does our Seniors Department work with seniors every day to live their best lives? Though we have 17 different programs, they all work to end isolation.